Model T13 Display Case

$ 189.00



Dimension: 32x24x4 1/2 Model T13 Template will hold 3- 9.75/96 oz cups, 4- 6.75/38 oz cups, and 6- 4.5/12 oz cups. * Very light weight- Approx. 17 lbs. * Acrylic lid with ABS body. * Interchangable templates for cup support. (4 Patterns) * Attachable legs for incline displays. * Can be secured flat on a table with included velcro * Lockable lid for added security (locks not included) * Heating pad compatible (20 watts or less, not included) * All plastic construction- Easy to disinfect * Very durable- Great for shipping * Replacement cups available DISPLAY COMES COMPLETE WITH 1 TEMPLATE AND CONTAINERS TO FIT THAT TEMPLATE Prices subject to change without notice

Price per Unit (piece): $189.00