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  • Over 2,000,000 items shipped yearly
  • Cups, Boxes, Ice Packs, Tubs MADE in the USA
  • 22 years of experience shipping perishable products
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Live Reptiles /Fish /Coral

This is where it all began. In 1994 Scott Wenguer, the founder, was shipping hundreds of reptile, fish and coral shipments via airport to airport shipping. Since not everyone is close to a major airport he experimented with door to door shipping. Since then Superior Shipping Supplies has sold millions of custom containers, insulated boxes, ice packs and heat packs all contributing to the safe transport of countless live animals.


In 2002 Superior Shipping Supplies partnered with 1-800-Flowers and developed a custom heat pack lasting 72 hours. We even built in an activation delay so the shipment will not overheat if shipped from a warm climate. We provide insulated boxes and heat packs to nurseries not only in the US but throughout Canada


Whether you are shipping frozen food across the country or doing local home delivery Superior Shipping Supplies has provided 1000’s of boxes and ice packs ensuring countless successful deliveries.


Superior Shipping Supplies has provided packaging ensuring 1000’s of successful shipment and home deliveries in a variety of fields including dental, medical compounding, dermatological, pet medication and prescriptions.

Superior Shipping Supplies

has everything you need to make your shipping a success. Our boxes are sized tu UPS and FedEx dimentional standards to save you money. From insulated boxes, tape, heat and cold packs, and with over 100,000 perishable orders shipped, we have the experience to make your shipping successful!



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