Egg Tray 10 lot with cups

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Egg Trays are stackable allowing you to TRIPLE the amount eggs you can fit in an incubator.

The Egg Tray will act as a platform for the eggs to rest on. Allowing the eggs to be lifted away from mold, mites, over saturating of the substrate or not enough moisture in the substrate and also allows gas exchange that the egg produces itself. THIS PRODUCT IS TO BE USED WITH A 12oz. DELI CUP.

We found that perlite has the best result so far. The ratio is simple 8oz perlite (by volume) and 5oz water.

It is recommended to punch 2 pin holes in the center of the cup on top of the lid. We use a tack or a pin. In most cases you will not have to add water during the incubation process.

The Egg Tray has been producing a 92% success rate for healthy hatchings. The Egg Trays have been producing babies averaging over 30% compared to hatchlings without the Egg Tray.

Price per Unit (piece): $50.00